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1999 Television Appearances

April 1, 1999 - TechTV
Our Y2K prank software was featured as a good prank for April Fools day. This is what they said:
"Tell someone gullible that it's a test for Y2K compliance. The "test" will then "check" for Y2K compliance in your keyboard, mouse, monitor, sound card, and BIOS. It makes your peripherals do wacky things (Kate's favorite is the ticking sound when checking the BIOS clock). Then it checks your calendar settings, changing all instances of the letter "Y" to "K" (Mondak, Tuesdak, etc.). When you close the program, it laughs madly and announces itself as a joke. No one is hurt, nothing is changed. It's just a GUI."

March 27th, 1999 - ZD TV
RJL Software's entertainment programs were featured in a special segment for April Fool's Day. They talked about our Fake Delete, headache, and Open CD prank software. This ZDTV show was the first TV appearance for RJL Software.