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Jan. 19, 2000

LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL - (BUSINESS WIRE) Jan. 19, 2000 RJL Software Incorporated, the company that has been bringing you time saving utility software since 1996, has recently released a software packaged entitled "Log Info".

Log Info was developed to assist in end of the year budgeting for new equipment, gathering computer assets and simple company audits. Log Info logs hardware information, operating system, processor, MHz, RAM, HD size and much more. Log Info writes this information to a comma-delimited file that is perfect for importing into Excel, Access or any SQL database. With the Configuration module, it allows users to select what information is logged and where it is logged.

Log Info works in Novell and NT server login scripts with one simple line addition, it even works from a floppy. If you ever needed to inventory your department or companies machines, this utility is a must have time saver. Log Info has an easy to use interface that can be used by help desks, managers, supervisors or even the president.

Jerry Gifford, Supervisor LAN/WAN/OA, said, "Log Info is a real helpful utility. It really packs in the features for such a low cost. I found Log Info easy to implement and unobtrusive to end users".

Aaron Boss, President, kJaro Solutions, says, "Log Info has been a dream come true for our I.S. team. The information that is retrieved is just unbelievable. If we need to retrieve CPU information remotely, the functionality is there. If we need to check out amount of memory or hard drive space remotely, the functionality is there. We could have gotten some of the same functionality in large suites that cost a large sum of money, but for the price that RJL Software offers Log Info, how could we pass it up."

About RJL Software Incorporated

Software Engineer R.J. Lindelof formed the company in back 1996 when he started developing custom software applications for business and personal use. RJL Software Incorporated is headquartered in Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

More information about the product is available at the company web site, www.rjlsoftware.com or by calling (815) 200-4755.