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Oct. 13, 2000

LAKE IN THE HILLS, IL - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Oct. 13, 2000 - RJL Software Incorporated, the company that that has been bringing you time saving utility software since 1996, has recently released a software packaged entitled "Message Manager Deluxe".

Message Manager Deluxe compliments standard Novell and NT server login scripts by enabling administrators to configure and display Windows-style messages to client workstations. Administrators can effortlessly create messages that include such functionality as button actions to perform tasks based on which button was chosen, definition of message text, buttons, fonts, size, sound, hints and much more.

Included in this product is a logging feature that provides the means to track how each individual user responded to the message and when. The deluxe version also comes with an administrative module that maintains and controls all messages created.

Message Manager Deluxe could be used in a variety of ways such as displaying a company privacy or usage policy weekly to users when they log in to their machines or deploying an optional network installation of a software upgrade. If you ever needed to communicate corporate wide information across your network, Message Manager Deluxe is the product you need.

John Tantillo, MSCE, said, "This product enabled us to effortlessly implement a weekly usage policy across our entire corporation without the hassles of paper. We were able to log the results and prevent users from bypassing the system."

Megan Powell, Executive of Information Systems, says, "Without Message Manager Deluxe, my IT staff would be spending hours installing the latest software upgrades on each workstation. Now we simply configure a message and require our users to perform the install themselves."

Message Manager Deluxe enhances corporate communication in one simple launch.

About RJL Software Incorporated

Software Engineer R.J. Lindelof formed the company in 1996 when he started developing custom software applications for business and personal use. RJL Software has grown into an International resource for custom, as well as, shrink-wrapped utility software. RJL Software Incorporated is headquartered in Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

More information about the product is available at the company web site, www.rjlsoftware.com or by calling 815-200-4755.