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Website Hosting - Starting at $9.99/month

If you are seeking the reliability and speed of hosting without incurring a high expense of a dedicated connection and server equipment. Let RJL Software host your company or personal website today! Click here for a quote on your custom hosting services.

Power your website with performance our Windows 2008 server web hosting. With full support for popular Microsoft applications such as MS Access, MS SQL 2008, ASP, VBScript and MS Index Server, our hosting packages are just as accessible to entry-level webmasters as they are to senior Windows 2008 developers and administrators. Popular tools like Cold Fusion by Allaire and Microsoft FrontPage extensions are supported.

Our team of experienced Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers ensure optimal performance for websites built with Microsoft tools. RJL Software is committed to providing reliable web hosting, we provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are currently powered by 100Mb connection to GTE Internetworking backbone and a 44Mbps ATM connection to SAVVIS backbone.

We offer scalable hosting solutions that can grow with the success of your business. See our packages for details. Already hosting with someone else? Don't worry, we make the process of moving to our servers seemless and simple. You won't even see an impact on traffic or business!

Web hosting packages start at $9.99/month and increase based on the account options you would like to add. Do not delay, trust you website hosting with RJL Software.

For more information regarding website hosting, please contact us for more information or to get a quote.

Some of the options your hosting can include:

  • Full ODBC support
    We support any type of ODBC compliant database such as, MS Access, SQL Server 2008, dBASE, FoxPro, Paradox and more!
  • SSL - Secure Socket Layer
    Secure Socket Layers (SSL) allows you to encrypt credit card numbers or other confidential documents so that it is impossible to intercept during a transmission.
  • Active Server Pages
    Complete support for Microsoft's Active Server Page extensions.
  • Cold Fusion
    Cold Fusion is a sophisticated scripting language for web developers that want advanced site development and database interfacing.
  • CGI support
    Full CGI capability complete with C, Perl and Java. All customers have access their own cgi-local bin in which you may place your own custom CGI scripts.
  • WebTrends Reporting
    The award-winning WebTrends suite is used to give customers an analysis of their web traffic, as well as general website statistical information.
  • Server Side Includes
    We support SSI which includes the convenience and flexibility of embedding CGI capability into your web pages.
  • FTP Access
    Full FTP access to your web server, you have total control via FTP.
  • Power backups
    Full power backup generator and individual UPS power backups for each server.
  • SMTP and POP3
    Our Windows 2008 servers include support for all of your email needs.
  • Additional domain pointers
    Additional domain name pointers resolve to the root level of your virtual server just like your original domain name.
  • Password protected pages
    Protect your web pages with groups of password and user ID combinations
  • Raw log files
    For statistical analysis, you may download for compiling on your local machine.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
    You have unlimited data transfer (or hits) on your virtual server. Any outward-bound traffic from your web site is considered data transfer.