FAQ for AutoRun Wizard v2.05   

What are the PowerPoint Viewer command line options?

Here is a list of the Microsoft PowerPoint supported command lines:

PowerPoint Viewer 97
PowerPoint 2003 Viewer
PowerPoint 2007 Viewer

Please Note: The PowerPoint 2003 viewer supports a different set of command line switches than the older PowerPoint 97 viewer did.

Command line switches for PowerPoint Viewer 2003:

The playlist file is simply a list of presentation filenames (preceded by path as needed). PowerPoint plays these files in the order given in the file. You can't use command line switches within the playlist.

Features no longer supported include:

PowerPoint Viewer 2003 supports the new animations and many other features introduced in PowerPoint 2002 (part of Office XP) and continued in PowerPoint 2003.

PowerPoint Viewer 2003 works with these versions of Windows: