FAQ for AutoRun Wizard v2.05   

We get a "Stream Read Error" when running AutoRun Wizard, why?

In some cases you will get a "Stream Read Error" in AutoRun Wizard when you are using a Starting Splash Screen or Closing Splash Screen that is a BMP (bitmap) with a large file size. Our solution to this problem would be to convert the BMP file to a JPEG format for the Splash Screen. Doing this will decrease the file size and memory required for displaying your splash screen.

If you do not have the software to convert your BMP (bitmap) file into a JPEG file, simply click on Start - Run and type in 'mspaint' (without quotes). This will run Microsoft's Paint program. Open your BMP file and then click File - Save As. In that dialog select the Format of JPEG.

Now you can use that JPEG file as your Splash Screen.