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2001 Radio Interviews

March 30th, 2001 - Star 94
Atlanta, Georgia

March 30th, 2001 - WXIT
Davenport, Iowa

March 30th, 2001 - KLAD

March 30th, 2001 - KKND
New Orleans, Lousiana

March 30th, 2001 - KSOO
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

March 29th, 2001 - WCKDVV
JC and Jennifer from Rock Radio, V100 Morning Show from Topeka, Kansas had fun with us about our Fool's Tools CD-ROM. They were especially interested in the "racey" or "edgey" contents of the CD. We pleased them with the Random Farter, Downhoax, and The Finger.

March 28th, 2001 - WCPZ Radio
Tuna and Company from Oldies 100.7 FM had the pleasure of speaking with our CEO for a pre-April Fool's Day interview. You can read more about Tuna and Company from their website.

March 27th, 2001 - WRBT 94.9FM
Good old Nancy and Newman in the morning! This fun group of DJ's had the chance to speak with our CEO, R.J., early in the morning about the Fool's Tools CD-ROM. Like all radio morning shows, they enjoyed hearing how they could make the computer burp and fart (just like them).

March 27th, 2001 - Z104 FM
The Jeff and Judy show from central Wisconsin spoke to R.J. about all of the April Fool's Day offerings we have. They started out with the Fool's Tools CD-ROM and ended up talking about the many pranks at ComputerPranks.com. It was a fun, entertaining interview. The best part about the interview was to hear that Jeff has been a long-time fan of RJL Software pranks. As a matter of fact, he used the website to download several pranks to email to his friends!

March 26th, 2001 - KDKB 93.3
The Tim and Mark show had fun with R.J. when talking about our Fool's Tools CD-ROM. Since this was not the first interview they had, there was a sense of friendship between them all. As always, there was a huge response from the Arizona listeners.

March 23rd, 2001 - Q92 Radio
The morning show from Montreal, Canada interviewed us about our April Fools Day CD-ROM. The interview started off slow, but quickly turned into a gut busting, hair raising adventure that left our CEO bent over in tears. Needless to say, it was nothing short of a fun interview.

March 22nd, 2001 - KLUR Radio
Its all in the sounds. Becky and Brad over at KLUR radio Witchita, Texas, enjoyed listening to the burping and farted that's included with our CD-ROM. The Random Burper and Random Farter sent many nasty sounds over the airwaves in Texas.

March 20th, 2001 - KCZQ Radio
The Breakfast Club morning show from Iowa had fun with us talking about our Prank CD-ROM. We sent over several promotional CD's that were given away to loyal Breakfast Club listeners.

March 19th, 2001 - KEXL Radio
Jeffery Stephan and the Breakfast Call spoke with us regarding our Fool's Tools CD-ROM from Norfolk, Nebraska. Jeffery enjoyed the burping and farting sounds that were blurting from our lab machines during the interview.