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Website Hosting Options

Any of the options below may be added to your Windows 2008 virtual hosting account. Contact us for more details. Prices listed below are monthly charges.

Option Price per month
Disk Storage (10 MB minimum) $.50/MB
Email POP3 accounts (sold in 5's) $1.00
Email Forwarders accounts (sold in 5's) $1.00
Web Email access $5.00
Catch-all email address $1.00
FTP Accounts (sold in 5's) $1.00
WebTrends Statistics $2.50
Raw Logs access $1.00
Monthly Website Report $1.00
Custom HTTP Error Pages $1.00
Domain Pointer $2.50
SSL Encryption $10.00
Password Protected Pages $.50/page
MS Index Server $10.00
CGI Local Directory $1.00
Server Side Include $1.00
Cold Fusion $10.00
Active Server Pages $2.50
MS Access $10.00
MS SQL Server 2008 $10.00
ODBC Datasource Name $1.00/each