FAQ for Net Send Lite v3.02   

Why can I only send messages to the computer name and not the logged in username?

When the Messenger service starts it tries to register your computer name and login name with the Messenger service. If it detects a computer name or login name within your network with that has the same name, it will not register under that name.

For example:
If your user name is JOE and you start the messenger service, it will browse your network for a computer logged on to the network as JOE, if it finds another username it will be unable to register you under the name of JOE. To find out which computer is registered as JOE, simply send a Net Send Lite message to the user of JOE.

Once you resolve which computer on your network is using the name username as you, there are 2 ways to re-register your network username.

1. Use Net Send Lite and change the FROM name in the options to your login name.
2. Restart the Messenger service from the control panel.