FAQ for Net Send Lite v3.02   

How can I remotely turn on the Messenger service?

You remotely turn on the Messenger service using either two different utilities included in some Resource Kits. The first is called SC.EXE from the NT Resource Kit and NTSVC.EXE from Supplement 2 Resource Kit.

Obviously you need to have administrative privileges and access to Server Manager which allows you to open the services applet on any machine.

SC.EXE is a tool that provides a way to communicate with Service Controller (SERVICES.EXE) from the command prompt to retrieve information about services. You can also use it to control services from the command prompt.

NETSVC.EXE is a new tool that also provides a way to remotely start, stop, and query the status of services from the command prompt.

To start Messenger on a remote machine type the following:

For SC.EXE type:
SC \\machine_name START "Messenger"

Or for Netsvc.exe:
netsvc /start \\machine_name "Messenger"

For more information on these two utilities run the command with the /? parameter at a command prompt or read the help file included with your resource kit. Microsoft also has a Knowledbase article on these utilities.

Click here to download the NT 4 resource kit that includes the SC.EXE application.