FAQ for Net Send Lite v3.02   

When I specify a FROM name I cannot send messages, why?

You are probably using an old version of Net Send Lite. In the latest version we have created smarter logic and we try and re-register your FROM name when sending the message. With the latest version of Net Send Lite, you should no longer have troubles.

Our Net Send Lite has a feature that allows you to set the FROM name of the message being sent. This can be found under the Net Send Lite Options screen on the From Name tab.

If you have chosen to Specify the From Name, you could run into troubles when you are trying to send a message to someone. This can occur when the Messenger Service is restarted, stopped or the registered login name changes. The problem is that when Messenger is started again, it ONLY registers the machine name and Windows login name (if it can). It will not register your From name from Net Send Lite. This name registration can only happen within our Net Send Lite software when you save the program options.

Because Messenger has restarted, you must re-register your From name within Net Send Lite. To do this you can simply:

1. Choose Options from the main screen
2. Click on the From Name tab
3. Click on the Save button

Performing these steps will re-register your specific From Name within Windows and you can start sending messages again.

In a later release of Net Send Lite we might add the enhancement to check to see if the name is registered On Send of the message. That way this can issue never occur.