FAQ for Net Send Lite v3.02   

Why when I send a message to someone, they reply and it opens a new chat window?

The chat window displays the username, computername or IP address that you used to send the message to someone. If you look in the titlebar, you can see the name that was used. If the reply coming back does not match that username, computername or IP address....then Net Send Lite will open a new chat window.

For example, if you setup a user in your Net Send Lite to be sent to the username of GSMITH. It will send messages to the name of GSMITH. On GSMITH's computer he has specified a "Send To Name" of Greg Smith. When he replies to you it will appear as a new message from the user "Greg Smith". Net Send Lite does not know that GSMITH is "Greg Smith", it simply goes by the specified FROM name of the message to determine if its unique.

Because of the "From Name" feature and the ability to send messages to IP address, computername and username....Net Send Lite's chat feature proves to be difficult, unless you always use the same name to send to as the user is replying to.