FAQ for Password Prank v1.00   

Is Password Prank spyware?

NO Password Prank is not a spyware program.

Some spyware and anti-virus software detect our software within their system scan. They are checking for any potential software that might cause damage or harm to the computer or user. However, if you check in to what it detected our software as - you will find that all of our software is completely harmless.

When testing our software with the top 10 major players in anti-virus and spyware prevention software, we found this:

9 out of the 10 packages detected at least one of our Entertainment (joke) programs in their full system scans. They classified our software as a "joke program" with a description of "A program designed to amuse or scare a user, such as imitating the actions of a virus, without actually harming the computer."

The key point being "without actually harming the computer".

We take great pride in providing entertaining software for novice to power users, without causing damage or harm to the systems. We are not resposible for the emotional damage one of our pranks causes, but we can assure you that our software does no damage to the computer.

You can feel confident running and installing our software for April Fools Day or any day. We have no need to create spyware or virus software.

The guys over at NirSoft are also feeling the pain of the big anti-virus companies going too far with "anti-virus" protection. We encourage you to read this blog posting for some good information regarding this topic. We feel their pain!