FAQ for Shutdown v1.02   

Why does Symantec AntiVirus detect Shutdown.exe as a Trojan virus?

With the latest updates to the Symantec AntiVirus software it has started detecting Shutdown as a trojan virus. We assure you that our Shutdown is not a virus! We have not found any documentation stating why this software was detected, it just does not make any sense.

The definiation of a virus is an unwanted computer program that was written to purposely damage computer systems or replicate itself. A virus is usually manifested by a destructive or disruptive effect on the executable program that it affects.

We are not in the business of writing viruses. Shutdown is in use at hundreds of thousands of locations, no one has ever reported any issues with running Shutdown.

Now what? How can you get around this so Symantec AntiVirus does not delete the file? Try this:


Exclude the directory where our Shutdown is located.

Select file

We are currently in a dialog with Symantec regarding our Shutdown application. We hope to have it removed from the trojan list in the future.