FAQ for Group Net Send v1.01   

Why does it take so long to send messages to a group users or computers?

Microsoft owns the "net send" protocol and defines it. In order to send a message to someone it first makes sure that person exists. It could take up to 60 seconds to determine if a username/computername/ip address is responding, if not it skips that user and moves on. Out of 100 users if half the users (50) were not logged in or the computers were not turned on, then it could take up to 50 minutes to walk through the entire list of 100 users. We understand for an "instant message" solution this is not very instant.

One of the problems is that we send messages in the same thread. That is, all messages are sent in order. So if I send a message to user1 and user2 and user1 is not found, it could take up to 60 seconds to send the message to user2. Obviously it gets worse with more users. We are looking to multi-thread the sending of messages in the next release of Group Net Send. Please hold on why we work on the technical details of this upgrade. In the meantime, try and break up the groups of users into smaller chunks, maybe 10-20 users per group.