FAQ for Vista Upgrade Prank v1.00   

How do I stop or delete Vista Upgrade Prank?

To stop and delete Vista Upgrade Prank you must first allow the fake upgrader proceed all of the way though until you see the fake Windows Vista Desktop. Once the fake Vista upgrade is completed you can double-click on the fake Vista desktop or click on the fake Vista desktop 5 seperate times. Once you click correctly the program will close and display an About Box Screen. Once you close this screen, the program will exit. Exiting the software will allow Windows to delete the file.

If you cannot get the above instructions to work, please reboot your computer. By default, Vista Upgrade Prank does not load into the startup of the computer (if it does, then someone modified your system settings to load Vista Upgrade Prank on Windows startup). Once you restart your computer, Vista Upgrade Prank will no longer be running. If you want to delete the actual .exe file and you cannot find it, please download our Find RJL Software program to locate and delete the .exe file. If Windows tells you it cannot delete the file because it is in use, then it is still running!