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Feb. 6, 2000

Just in time for April Fool's Day, RJL Software, the company that has been providing entertainment software since 1996, has just released a CD-ROM entitled "Fool's Tools - A Collection of Classic Computer Pranks". This CD is bound to delight even the best jesters!

Fool's Tools is a sure thing to liven up any office environment with 25 of the best computer pranks and gags every put together in one place. This is a first class prankster's dream. This CD has it all from the infamous Fake Delete to the new and exclusive Blue Screen of Death. The clever installation software walks the user through step-by-step instructions to install, configure, and setup the prank on someone's machine.

To steal Fool's Tools for yourself or a friend visit RJL Software at www.rjlsoftware.com or simply call (815) 200-4755 for your exclusive copy. For only $14.99 you can own the first edition of Fool's Tools that contains 20 gut busters plus 5 bonus pranks. In addition to all this fun RJL Software has included 6 tools to help ease your workload.

Don't take our word for it, read on to hear what others have to say:

Aaron Boss, of McHenry Illinois, said, "Have you ever know someone who rarely smiles? There was this guy in the office where I work that we had never seen or heard laugh before. I should say until we showed him how to run Mouse Mayhem. Not only did he laugh but he has become the office jokester…"

Fool's Tools will enable quick office fun for any occasion. Installation of each prank is simple with a click of the mouse the machine can be pranked.

Diana Mohalley of Kenosha, Wisconsin, says, "I wasn't good at delivering punch lines. I would always start laughing before I could finish a joke. Now I can start a prank and walk away, snickering all the way back to my desk without spoiling the surprise."

For those with cyber-friends there's a built-in email support that allows users to email a prank right from the CD. It's so easy to use and best of all the fun never ends.

ACT NOW for your limited first edition Fool's Tools - A Collection of Classic Computer Pranks, quantities are limited. Don't be pranked, be a jester visit www.rjlsoftware.com or simply call (815) 200-4755 to order your copy today.