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Message Manager Lite

Message Manager Lite v1.06  FREE!

With Message Manager it will allow you to setup a message dialog to be displayed upon a network login. You can specify the text to be displayed, the image, the buttons (up to 9), and when to display the message. You can Load and Save a specific message from the configuration file. This means that with the command line option you can configure a message and make it appear in the network login, when users startup Windows, or even on a specified windows shortcut.

The possibilities are endless with Message Manager Lite. Click here to download Message Manager Lite v1.06 .

If you want even more control over your messages, take a look at our Deluxe version. Click here for details on Message Manager Deluxe. We also have a Create Message Pro that creates a stand-alone .EXE message file.

Command line options for Message Manager Lite:

MESSAGE.EXE /c{path to message config file}

For example:

c:\message\message.exe c:\temp\msg1.cfg

Not sure what a command line is or how to use it? See our Support FAQ

How to close Message Manager Lite:

Click on the Cancel button.

Message Manager Lite will only work successfully on these specific Windows operating systems:
Windows 7  Windows 2008  Windows Vista  Windows XP  Windows 2003  Windows 2000  Windows NT  Windows ME  Windows 98  Windows 95