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FAQ for General Questions   

Click on the question to get the answer. The most popular questions today are listed at the top of the list.

1. How can I edit the command line?
2. How do I stop or remove your Prank Software?
3. What is a command line option?
4. A Security warning dialog appears when running your software, why?
5. Is your online ordering Secure?
6. How can I donate money to keep you developing software?
7. How can I open a .ZIP file?
8. I am trying to order your software and keep getting declined.
9. What is your refund policy?
10. How can I order your software using PayPal?
11. Is your software spyware? Is your software a virus?
12. Can I add this software to the Scheduled Tasks so it runs automatically?
13. How do I remove the Windows XP SP2 Open File Security Warning box when running .exe files?
14. What if I have dual monitors, where is the TOP LEFT corner?

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