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Question  Why is there a limit of 150 users I can send to?

The shareware version of Group Net Send limits sending message up to 5 users. The registered version limits at 150 users. We added this limitation for many reasons, however the number one reason was security. We do not want people abusing our software to send net send messages to thousands of users via a range of IP addresses or such. In our market research we found that companies in need of sending our net send messages would not exceed 150 users; if they did a process would split the users into logical groups of 150 to spread out the time it took to resolve/send messages.

It could take up to 60 seconds to determine if a username/computername/ip address is responding, if not it skips that user and moves on. If half the users (75) were not logged in or the computers were not turned on, then it could take up to 75 minutes to walk through the entire list of 150 users. For an "instant message" solution this is not very instant. This was another reason for the limit of 150 users.

However, if you have a specific need to send messages to more than 150 users, please let us know what that is. Please contact us with your use case so we can understand your need, be sure to include the number of users you need to send to and we will see if we can come up with a solution for you.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2006