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FAQ for Crazy Num Caps Scroll v1.04    Crazy Num Caps Scroll

Question  How do I make Crazy Num Caps Scroll run every time the computer starts?

There are several ways to do this the most simple way is to do this:

Create a shortcut to Crazy Num Caps Scroll

If there are command line options you want to add:
Right-click that shortcut
Choose properties
Add the correct command line options
Click "OK"

Right-click the Start button
Choose open
Double-click on Programs
Double-click on StartUp
Move the shortcut you just created into this folder

The next time the computer starts Crazy Num Caps Scroll will launch with the settings you specified.

You can use also our WinStartup Utility to accomplish the same task, but in more of a hidden way. This will do the same action as above but hide the startup in the Windows registry.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005