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Desktop Dot

Desktop Dot v1.02  FREE!

From the far reaches of India comes the ultimate desktop companion! The Desktop Dot is more than just a stupid dot that rests atop your desktop and babbles anything it damn well pleases. It's a companion, a friend, and probably the only creature on this godforsaken planet that truly loves you. It's wit and wisdom is sure to lift your spirits and keep you smiling. Desktop Dot is highly configurable and has full install/uninstall support. So download your copy today. Click here to download Desktop Dot v1.02 .

How to close Desktop Dot:

Right-click on the dot and choose Exit

To run Desktop Dot you are required to have:
Sound Card  Mouse 
Desktop Dot will only work successfully on these specific Windows operating systems:
Windows 7  Windows 2008  Windows Vista  Windows XP  Windows 2003  Windows 2000  Windows NT  Windows ME  Windows 98  Windows 95