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Contacting RJL Software is now easier than ever. Please address your questions, comments or concerns to one of the email addresses or URLs listed below.


The fastest and most convenient way to order our software is online, you can Order Online Here. If you want to purchase registered versions of RJL Software products via telephone, please call (815) 200-4755 and leave a voice message. You also can order by faxing 847-841-4216, please fax the form found on the order page of the product you wish to order.

Order Status System Check the status and details of your order, print an invoice, change email contact preferences and more.
Online Upgrade System Upgrade your software online, for free!
Missing Registered Email If you have ordered our software online and have not received our registered email, use this.
Redownload Software If you need to request another download of your registered version of our software.
Lost Order Number If have have misplaced your order number or cannot remember it.
Order Contact For all other Order contact information.

Refund Policy:
There will be no refunds issued on any purchase of our Software. Therefore, you should download the trial version of our software, available FREE on our website and do your testing and evaluations with the trial version before purchasing the registered version of the program. If the trial version of our software does not satisfy your needs then neither will the registered version of the program. RJL Software, Inc. makes no guarantee that the Software will perform to your expectations and/or desires. It is up to you, the purchaser, to perform your testing and evaluations of the program and its abilities before purchasing this software. If you purchase our software that is shipped via an Internet Download, our order system will allow one download of the registered software. If you try to download the registered software twice, our system will prevent this. Once our system has tracked that you downloaded the software, no refund can be generated. Much like other vendors, once the software package is 'opened' (ie. downloaded) you are unable to return it for a refund.

Technical Support

For a full range of technical support options please consult the Technical Support section of our web site. All of our email technical support is free for the lifetime of our products!


For a custom software quote you can fill out a quote request form.


Would you like to send us feedback? We gladly listen to all comments, good or bad, from our customers. If you have a suggestion for a prank program or any other program you would like to see for free on our website - let us know!


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RJL Software Demo

Download our free Company Demo to see (offline) what we can do for you. Included in this demo is company information, products, support, contact information and the services we offer. Download your copy today!


We are currently seeking Beta Software testers for the entire RJL Software product line, if you are interested please email us with your credentials.