FAQ for Open/Close CD v1.20   

How to I make it eject (or close) my cd when I run a program?

You can use the command line options that are included with Open/Close CD. Here is the usage:

OPEN_CD.EXE {open or close} {cd-rom drive letter} {path to program to execute}

For Example:

This would eject the CD-ROM drive D:\ and then open Notepad.


This would eject Windows default CD-ROM and then open the Calculator.

If you want to specify a drive letter (for multiple CD-ROM's) just add the drive letter:

C:\OPENCD\OPEN_CD.EXE open e c:\windows\notepad.exe

This would eject the CD-ROM drive E:\ then launch Notepad.

For more information on how to modify the command line, please click here.