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FAQ for Open/Close CD v1.20    Open/Close CD

Click on the question to get the answer. The most popular questions today are listed at the top of the list.

1. How can I edit the command line?
2. Is Open/Close CD a virus?
3. How to I make it eject (or close) my cd when I run a program?
4. How can I make it close the CD-ROM?
5. Can I set it up so that the program will let me eject both drives at the same time?
6. How can I send Open/Close CD to my friends via email?
7. How do I make Open/Close CD run every time the computer starts?
8. How can I change the icon of Open/Close CD?
9. How can I eject my CD, then launch a program?
10. I have 2 CD-ROM drives, how can I make Open/Close CD work with both?
11. I get an error about the "mci device" and "mmsystem", what is that?
12. How can I add fast access to eject and close my CD-ROM?

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