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Question  How can I change the icon of Open/Close CD?

You can only change the icon of Open/Close CD by creating a shortcut to the program and changing that icon. The steps below will walk you through the steps of creating a shortcut that will open the CD, then open Microsoft Word and use the Microsoft Word icon. Of course, you can run any .exe program.

1. Create a shortcut to OPEN_CD.EXE. For information on how to create a shortcut please click here.
2. The command line parameters to Open/Close CD are:
OPEN_CD.EXE {open or close} {cd-rom drive letter} {path to program to execute}
3. Edit the properties of this shortcut and add "open" and the CD drive letter after the target
4. Also add WINWORD.EXE (for Microsoft Word) after the CD Drive letter on the command line.
5. Now you have a shortcut setup that will open the cd, then Microsoft Word. The next step is to change the icon to look like it is Microsoft Word.
6. From the shortcut tab, click on the "Change Icon" button
7. Click the "Browse" button to select the program that has the icon you want.
8. In our example we want to use the Microsoft Word icon, so locate where WINWORD.EXE exists ( C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE ), highlight it and click OPEN
9. From the Change Icon screen you can select the standard icon to display for the shortcut. Pick whichever you want and click OK.
10. Click OK to save the changes to this shortcut.

You now have created a shortcut that will open your CD-ROM, then open Microsoft Word and use the Microsoft Word icon.

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Added: Mar 8, 2005