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Question  How can I add fast access to eject and close my CD-ROM?

You have several options with our Open/Close CD program. First, you can download our Tray CD version, which sits in the Windows System tray next to the clock. This supports multiple drives and fast point-and-click access to open and close your cd.

Or, if you are using Windows XP or Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008 you can use the Quick Launch bar and add an icon for Open and Close your CD. This allows you to do it with one click. Here is how:

First make sure your Quick Launch bar is turned on:
Go to the Control Panel
Taskbar and Start Menu
Check the option to Show Quick Launch

Now that you have the option on, you will find small icons on your taskbar that go to different programs. By default you get Internet Explorer and Show Desktop icons. We are going to add 2 more icons to the Quick Launch bar, one for opening and one for closing your CD-ROM.

Opening your CD
Create a shortcut to Open/Close CD
Right-click that shortcut
Choose properties
Look at the Target textbox on the Shortcut tab, after open_cd.exe add the word OPEN. Next add the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive you want to open. For instance D.
An example of the Target would be: c:\software\open_cd.exe open d
Click "OK"
Press the F2 Key (or right-click and select Rename) on the shortcut. Rename this to something meaningful, like OPEN D.

Now we want to add this shortcut to the Quick Launch bar. Simply click and hold the mouse button to DRAG the new shortcut towards the Quick Launch bar. Once over the area where the bar is, let go of the mouse and DROP it on the bar. You should notice a CD icon added to the Quick Launch bar. The name of the shortcut is going to appear as the Hint for the Quick Launch option you added.

Closing your CD
You can follow the steps above for creating a shortcut that closes your CD-ROM. However, when you modify the Target of the shortcut it should include the word close instead of open. Of course, you will want to rename it to something that makes sense, like CLOSE D.

Once you have completed these steps you should have 2 cd icons in your Quick Launch bar that will open and close your CD-ROM with one click.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005
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