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Message Manager Deluxe

Message Manager Deluxe v3.03  - Shareware

Implementation Example #1

Name: Diana Mohalley
Position: Directory of Information Services
Company Size: 500+
Network: Novell 4.x

To deploy daily reminder messages based on departments and day of the week.

There was a need to inform users in the Accounting department on Fridays to save an archive of the weeks activities to the shared network drive. The Human Resources department needed to be reminded on Mondays to update the company job postings board and on the Internet.

Diana created two different messages, one for each department.

Accounting Department Message
The first message to be created was the Accounting Department's message. Realizing this message was only going to be displayed for information purposes and not perform any automated task, she decided to create an informative message using the Information icon. The message text font was increased by 2 pts. to display the importance of the message. She also setup a default sound to be played. There was no special options needed for this message, as it was only for display purposes. After configuring one button that states "OK" and closes the message, she was ready to schedule it. She used the "Only on specified days of the week" option and selected Friday.

She saved her message on her company-wide shared network in a message directory. Within her Novell login script manager she setup an if…then statement to restrict all other departments except the Accounting department from seeing the message. The script looked like this:

       #\\app_server\shared\message\loadmsg.exe \\app_server\shared\message\accounting1.dat

With one quick re-logon test, she was able to verify the message only appeared in the Accounting departments' login script.

Human Resources Department Message
This message required Diana to use several different messaging features. One of those features is the URL launch feature. Since HR needed to update the Internet job posting, she setup two buttons on the message. The first button, set as the default, was an "Update Internet" button. The button had a button action of "View URL", opening a browser window to the HR Internet administration pages. Because the caption of the button was longer than normal, Diana had to change the button width to accommodate the larger caption. She added a second button to the message called "Close", she added this just in case users did not want to view the URL at that time.

Updating the Internet job postings was a very important task and Diana had to be sure that the message got the attention it needed. She set two very important options for this message, the first option was the "Stay On Top" option. This allowed her to be certain that the HR message would always be on top of any other programs or windows. The second option she picked was the significant "Flash the title bar of the message" option. With this checked she was able to configure the blink settings for the message.

Diana also set a schedule so that the message would only appear on Mondays. Again, she saved her message on her company-wide shared network in a message directory and added a conditional statement for the HR department.