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Question  Can I open a file on my CD, using a program that I have on the CD?

Yes! With AutoRun Wizard the process is very simple.

To make this example simple, we will have a program called RJL.EXE and a file we want to run called RUNME.RJL

Select the Auto Launch tab, select the option to "Launch file(s) on the CD-ROM". Next click on the Configure button to configure the properties for the autorun file. Select the first file option and click the [...] button. Then use the small folder icon to open the dialog and select the RJL.EXE file you wish to autorun. The next step is to check the checkbox to use the Command Line. Enter in RUNME.RJL to load this file when RJL.EXE runs.

Of course, you will need to replace RJL.EXE with the software you wish to load and RUNME.RJL with the file you want to load within the software. Please read the documentation for the software you want to run for specific command line options.

Be sure to use the test button to ensure your configuration is working.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005