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Question  How can I setup a photo cd to auto play viewing my photos?

If you combine software programs from RJL Software and you can get the result you are looking for:

1. AnyImage Screen Saver
2. AutoRun Wizard

You can use the FREE AutoRun Wizard, but you will see a splash screen telling you to register after the CD loads.

The idea would be to use our AutoRun Wizard software to "auto play" our anyimage.scr file.

1. Copy the anyimage.scr file to your \windows directory.
2. Right-click on the Desktop and choose ScreenSaver.
3. Select AnyImage from the list and click Properties.
4. Setup the properties like you need. Be sure to check the option to include subdirectories.
- Don't worry about the Path yet.
5. Click SAVE

Next, create a folder on your computer called CD-ROM. Copy the anyimage.scr and anyimage.ini files from your \windows directory into this CD-ROM folder. Open the anyimage.ini file with NOTEPAD. Change the path setting to this:


Then copy all of the images/photos into this CD-ROM folder. Run AutoRun Wizard Configuration to setup your CD to auto play the anyimage.scr file. Once you have completed and tested the AUTORUN, you can burn your CD-ROM. (Careful, testing the autorun will scan the ENTIRE root drive for images - because the path is set to \)

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Added: Jan 20, 2005