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Question  I registered AutoRun Wizard, but I am still getting the RJL Software logo popup window. Why?

When you order AutoRun Wizard online you will receive an instant email with instructions on how you can download your registered version. These instructions state that you must Uninstall (or delete) your old, unregistered version of AutoRun Wizard. This includes any desktop icons, shortcuts, start menu icons, etc. If you do not Uninstall the unregistered or previous version of the software, our installer will not overwrite the files leaving you with the previous version you have. So please, Uninstall the exiting version first.

Then follow the instructions in the registration email to download the new registered version (you only get one chance to download this) and install it on your computer.

The next step is to re-save your autorun configuration (autorun.dat) using the configuration editor. You do this by opening the AutoRun Wizard Configuration from the icon on the Desktop or the icon that appears under Start | All Program | AutoRun Wizard | AutoRun Wizard Configuration. Once inside of the AutoRun Wizard application click on File | Open Project. Select the Base Folder where your autorun configuration file is and open autorun.dat

After opening your previously unregistered configuration, you will have to Save it. This is done by clicking on the Save icon or choosing File | Save Project. Note: If the Save button is not enabled, make a change to your configuration and it will enable the Save button. Clicking Save will save the cofiguration and copy the registered autorun.exe, autorun.dat and autorun.inf into your Base Folder.

Once the registered configuration is saved you can click on the Test tab and choose the Test button. Your autorun will be launched without the RJL Software logo appearing.

If you have already burned a CD-ROM with the unregistered version, this CD will not automatically become registered. The registered software must be burned on to the CD-ROM again. Discard the unregistered burn CD and re-create it using the registered version.

If for some reason you are still receiving the "Register Me" screen with the RJL Software company logo, then simply delete autorun.exe, autorun.dat and autorun.inf from your Base Folder and re-create these files from within the AutoRun Wizard Configuration editor. From there you can re-burn them on your CD-ROM.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005
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