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Question  How can I open a .ZIP file?

Our software is in a compressed format as to allow for quicker download times. You need to decompress our software in order to use it. The compression software we use is the Internet standard, called ZIP.

If you would like to use our software, you will need to download a product called WinZip from www.winzip.com.

Once you have installed WinZip, you can either re-download or open our software within this product. Then you can extract (decompress) our software to your machine and use it.

First you need to open the .ZIP file that was downloaded.
Open the .ZIP file

Once it is opened you can view the contents of the .ZIP file. From here you must click on the EXTRACT button. This will allow you to extract the files from the .ZIP file and put them on your hard drive. Select where you would like the files to be saved and click on the EXTRACT button.
Extract the file(s)

If you are having troubles with WinZip or DO NOT want to download that product. Please download the .EXE versions of our software. This .EXE version is what is known as a self-extacting ZIP format. This will automatically extact our software into the specificed folder.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005