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Question  How do I enter the password in Black Screen?

With Black Screen there is no password dialog that appears to make it close, all you have to do is type the letters of your password in succession, with no carriage return.

For example, if your password was "Mexico," you should press the keys "M" "E" "X" "I" "C" "O". This will end Black Screen.

The CTRL-S password dialog is NOT to close the program. It exists simply to allow you into the setup screen. Typing the password in this dialog box will not succeed in closing the program.

If this still does not work please try pressing ALT-TAB once, then try it. Then press ALT-TAB again until you give focus back to Black Screen. There are some instances when Black Screen will loose focus and the keys you are pressing are actually going to the program in the background (that has keyboard focus).

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Added: Jan 20, 2005