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Version History for Message Manager Deluxe v3.03  - Shareware



Fixed the issue with hiding the Window Desktop if the user has a group policy or Windows restriction to hide the desktop already.
Fixed an issue when writing cookie information to a cookie file if you have selected to schedule the message every X days.
Tweaked memory usage when loading the message.
Added support for Windows 2008 and Vista



Fixed an intermittent defect where messages displayed as small, barely visible and unclickable messages in the top left corner of the screen.
Add ability to make the message full screen no matter the resolution of the target computer.
Fixed a validation issue when selecting to display the message on a specific day, without choosing a cookie.
Fixed an issue with disabling the button until the scrollbar is at the bottom. For messages without enough text to enable the scrollbar.
Fixed an issue with displaying messages when users have the Windows settings for large fonts (120 dpi)
Fixed validation problem with the log file path when it did not contain a trailing backslash
Added the option to not include quotes when writing out the log file



Added option to disable the buttons until the entire message is read. This is done by ensuring the user scrolled to the bottom of the message.
Added option to write the cookie to the registry instead of a file on disk.
Added the option to include dos environment variables within the the log file. This is useful for collecting Novell NetWare set variables within Windows.
Added IP Address as an option for logging.
Added support for resolving environment variables within the message text.
Added another schedule option that shows the message only on the specified days.
Added help icons to more areas of the application.
Added more logic for when the cookie option is available so users would not get into a state of writing a cookie when they did not want to.
Added logic to dynamically prevent multiple default buttons in the message editor.
Updated the default 32-bit graphics to be Windows XP style.
Corrected the issue with displaying every X days with International Dates.
Fixed writing International dates to the log file and comparing dates.



Added the option to have a message display ONCE every X number of days (1-999). That means if you choose to display a message once every 1 day and a user responded to a message already today, it will not appear. However tomorrow it will appear again. This option in conjunction with our Schedule features.
Added environment variable support to all paths. This means you can use any environment variable defined on the client system when loading message attributes.
Added %CURRENT_DIR% support. Instead of hard coding a UNC path to for the location of message items, you can use %CURRENT_DIR% which will use the current directory for loading message attributes. When the message loads it will pull files from the current directory where the loadmsg.exe is located.
Added logging options that include logging to the username.log, machinename.log, username_machinename.log or the old way which was everyone logging to the same file.
Added logging option to specify the extension and the file delimeter of the log file, this includes \r (return) and \t (tab).
Added some small ? images that contain helpful information when editing a message.
Updated the shutdown, restart, logoff logic to turn on the privilege for shutting down the computer. Some users had this turned off by default.
Fixed the issue with having spaces in the path or filename of the parameters passed to another message load or an external application.
Fixed the issue of loadmsg.exe staying in memory if a message resource (message text, custom sound, custom image, etc.) was not found.
Corrected issue with editor when one of the message resources (message text, custom sound, custom image, etc.) was not found. It used to error out and not load any of the message, now it displays and error and moves on gracefully.
Rewrote the cookie logic to account for new scheduling, also corrected some issues with writing cookie to a network drive.
Enhanced the log file writing to keep trying to write if it fails to write the log file information the first time.
Updated the Macros detecting the operating system and domains to work correctly on all systems.
Updated the username macro to include a three tier failsafe mechanism if the username cannot be resolved.
Changed the editor so that it did not write out the cookie information when you preview a message.
Corrected the Restore Defaults button to account for every option in the message editor.
Changed to use common logic for shareware notice and changed notice to appear after message is displayed.
Corrected some minor UI issues within the editor and the main screen.



Added support for RTF (Rich Text Format) messages. We now support all of the font attributes within an RTF file such as bold, italic, different font sizes, etc.
Added the option to align the icon or custom image on the message.
Added the option to show/hide the vertical scrollbar on the message.
Added the ability to type in the path to all of the files vs. having to click on the Browse button and select the file or directory you want.
Added the ability to change the background color of the message.
Corrected an issue with writing the cookie when the action of logoff, restart or shutdown was taken.
Corrected the issue with quotes being added around any command line parameters when you pass it to a file thats being launched.
Corrected an issue with the loading and displaying of text files for preview within the editor.
Corrected an issue with Preview within the editor when you select the action of logoff, restart or shutdown. Now it correctly prompts you to verify you really want to perform the action (in the editor only).



Added the option to only write the cookie when specific buttons where pressed.
Added the option to not close the message when a button is pressed, after the action is taken.
Added the option to include an animated Splash Screen before the message.
Added an option to keep the focus on the message, as well as keeping it on top of all other programs.
Added a -f command line option to FORCE the message to be displayed, even if there is an existing cookie or the schedule does not match.
Added a new Schedule option that allows the message to be displayed until a certain date.
Added the message text into the editor when loading a text from a file.
Added a Request a Feature option to the main screen and about box
Corrected the button size defect where it was not being honored.
Corrected the saving of the Flash settings.



Added 3 new button actions: Logoff User, Restart System, Shutdown System. No more need to launch an external shutdown program
Added a delay after closing the message to allow for the application to launch
Added option to prevent the user from moving the message window
Added the option to hide the Windows desktop and minimize all other windows until the user has responded to the message
Added the option to hide the Windows Taskbar until the user has responded to the message
Added the option to disable CTRL-ALT-DEL, ALT-TAB, and the Windows keys until the user has responded to the message
Added the option to have a button return a DOS errorlevel code to allow for actions to be performed after login script based on the button clicked
Added the ability to load JPEG files as the custom image
Removed the restriction for 32x32 on the custom images size, now you can load any image size
Added a custom image preview option to review the full size of the custom image
Corrected an issue with choosing to type in the message text, then load the message from a file
Updated the hint colors to be more like XP style
Updated error logging so that during Preview Mode, within the message editor, any errors that might occur are now going to show
Enhanced the Preview Mode, within the message editor, so that it would not perform the button action unless the user confirms
Corrected minor gui and interactive defect within the buttons tab
Added more text help on the Cookie Tab to help users understand the concept of the cookie file
Corrected Windows 2003 being detected as Windows XP in the logging of the operating system
Updated the username option to try and logically get the current user of the system, if the conventional methods fail.
Corrected the detection of the Domain on Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 systems
Corrected a defect where the Button Action was performed before the log file data was written
Corrected menu handling on the main configuration screen
Detection for previous instance of the application now includes bringing the application to the front



Rewrote the entire add, edit, delete of messages in the main editor.
Added "Add existing message to list" option to main file menu.
Added the option to copy messages from the main screen.
Added option to save the button text in each Button Drop down list.
Updated the Cookie Directory selection to support network drives.
Added menu icons and button icons to the user interface for ease of use.
Changed the hint color within the editor and within the message display.
Corrected the display issues with message graphics with non-standard window colors.
Corrected the issue with the cookie placement if the directory did not end in a slash.
Corrected the issue of the command line option adding a quote when saving/loading the message.
Added Support, Order and RJL Online menus
Added a DEBUG command line option to the loadmsg.exe appliaction for troubleshooting problems when loading the message.
Corrected Windows XP being detected as Windows 2000 in the logging of the operating system.



Quick fix to correct the issues with Button Images
Corrected the issue if you selected an option to schedule the message you could not have a cookie set. This restriction has been removed.



Added an option to display a message with a scrolling bar
Added the option to load the message body from a file on a network
Added https:// for url to launch
Add an option to disable all buttons until X seconds, users must wait to click the buttons.
Added the top to specify the location of the Cookie file.
Added the ability to load a custom sound file when the message is displayed.
Corrected some minor user interface problems.
Rebuilt with the latest software compiler.
Made the cookie file hidden and read only.



Added two new macros - operating system and domain
Added Machine Name to the logging options
Added Cookie logic to prevent multiple messages on the same machine
Added Log File validation
Added more error handling and enhanced existing error handling
Changed the about box around to add Custom Tab, modified licensing
Corrected problem with the parameter option when launching programs
Changed the format of the .DAT file
Updated the shareware window
Corrected the preview if loaded from a previous or corrupted .DAT file



Added Message Manager Help file
Embedded help file into application
Corrected defect with message text wrapping if the minimum message width was greater than the screen with divided by two.



Corrected the Stay on Top defect with the message loader.
Corrected defect when reading message .DAT files from read only drives, such as CD-ROM's or floppy disks.



Initial version