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Version History for Log Info v3.00  - Shareware



Significat improvements to the Operating System detection.
Support for Windows 11 detection.
Added support for Windows Server 2008, 2011, 2012, 2019 and 2022.
Finalized support for Windows 10.



Significat improvements to the speed of collecting information (all options selected in our test lab: 1min45sec down to 8 seconds).
Initial support for Windows 10.
Installed software detection improved.
Domain detection fixed.
Environment variables detection bug fixed (only first 4096 chars was processed)
Windows 8.1 product key detection corrected.
Increased speed of Windows uptime and last boot time detection.
SMBIOS 2.8 support.
Fixed VMWare virtual machine detection.
Fixed count of processors.
Dramatically increased performance of BIOS detection.



Updated Uninstall Software to gather Microsoft specific programs.
Added Google Chrome version detection, corrected Firefox and default browser.
Fixed Clients and Protocols to report the correct information.
Updated CPU detection to support latest cpu's.
Updated BIOS detection for latest versions.
Fixed the Computer Description from not reporting.
Changed reporting of Windows Seven to Windows 7.
Fixed minor defects.



Added support for Windows 8.
Corrected detection of the Edition of Windows 7 and Windows 2008.
Corrected minor defects.



Corrected Uninstall Software information when Microsoft Office 2010 is installed.
Corrected 32/64-bit Uninstall Software information.
Corrected minor defects.



Added Windows 7 support and detection.
Added CPU Architecture (x86, x64, WOW64, Itanium, etc).
Added support for Intel i7 processors.
Updated CPU detection to support latest cpu's.
Updated BIOS detection for latest versions.
Enhanced the monitor detection.
Corrected an issue with the printer detection if there are no default printers setup.



Added Adapter Speed to the output of the adapters option. The speed will be added after the adapter name in parenthesis. Example: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet (100 Mb)
Added detection for VirtualBox, Citrix and QEMU in the operating system.
Added Windows 2008 support and detection.
Corrected %CURRENT_DIR% issue where the wrong path was loaded when choosing to use the current directory in any path.
Corrected issue that the cookie would get written even if there was an error writing to the log file. It will silently error out and not write the cookie, the next time Log Info is ran, it will try and write to the log file again.
Corrected issue with Windows 98 network adapter detection.



Added environment variable support to all paths. This means you can use any environment variable defined on the client system to specify the paths of output log files.
Added %CURRENT_DIR% support. Instead of hard coding a UNC path to for the location of information configured within Log Info, you can use %CURRENT_DIR% which will use the current directory. When loginfo.exe loads it will use the current directory where the loginfo.exe is located.
Added Windows Edition to the operating system name (example: Professional, Personal, Home, etc.).
Added VMWare, VirtualServer and VirtualPC detection to the operating system.
Fixed Computer Description for 2K, 2003 and XP.
Fixed an issue with Windows 95 operating system detection.
Fixed some memory leaks with printer detection looping and drive detection.
Fixed Windows Vista 64-bit detection.
Fixed AMD CPU detection.
Fixed BIOS detected for 64-bit operating systems.
Fixed writing quotes to output file.



Added the option to set the output format to create a Report type output.
Added the ability to specify the delimeter between the data fields.
Added the option to write the header line of the output or not.
Added support for Microsoft Vista in OS detection.
Added an option to zero pad the IP Address or not. Zero padding is useful for sorting the data in other programs.
Added the option to output the Host Name
Added a command line option to loginfo.ini that allows you to specify where the loginfo.ini is loaded from. You also have the option to rename this file to something other than loginfo.ini
Added validation to ensure configuration file is correctly formatted
Added drag and drop support for the log file viewer.
Added the log file name to the title bar of the log file viewer.
Fixed the issue of writing the log file header over and over if it fails to collect data.
Fixed memory leak when writing out data, now frees all available memory as soon as possible.
Fixed the reporting of RAM on Windows XP or higher systems that had more than 2 GB of RAM.
Updated the Monitors logic to not display Unknown when it detects dual monitors.
Updated some fields to return a BLANK string vs UNKNOWN when data is not found.
Rewrote the file I/O logic for writing to the csv or report file.
Changed the Configuration editor to allow you to type in the path with auto-complete.
If a problem occurs while trying to write any data to the log files the data is now only gathered once, thus requiring less system resources.



Added the Log Info File Viewer program as part of the Log Info package. This utility gives you a quick view of the data that Log Info writes out.
Added a common way to get registry values, fixed memory leak on registry read
Added support for Mozilla FireFox browser detection
Added Windows Product Key and Windows installation date
Added Windows Registered User and Organization
Added Windows Last Boot date/time and the Windows UpTime
Added support for AMD Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Opteron
Added WinXP 64-bit support
Updated the Mhz option to be more accurate
Changed the log file writing to be more efficient
Writing out the log header was updated. It now writes out the header if the file did not exist or if the file was empty
If any fields return a single quote, we now remove that quote for importing into SQL databases.
Changed the Uninstall Software Information to get for the logged in user as well as the machine (HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)
Rewrote all of the drive code; drive letter, free and avail space, serial number and drive type
Correctly detects for Netscape 7 browser
Corrected the Monitor Description to look for the Name of the monitor first, if not found it display description
Corrected the Network Clients and Protocols on Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003
Updated Default Browser to display the path to the .exe if we cannot determine the type (IE, FireFox or Netscape)
Fixed the CPU Type to work on all Windows OS's
Fixed the Domain for Windows 2000, XP and 2003 machines



Added the ability to output the data to USERNAME.LOG, MACHINENAME.LOG or USERNAME_MACHINENAME.LOG
Added the ability to specify the name of the shared output file
Added the ability to define the default extension to the output file written
Removed the NIC Description from the Physical Address field, it now only contains the MAC Address
Corrected the Network Adapters to work on all operating systems
Removed the Copyright line from the Registered version of the product
Added error codes if fail
Added detection for the Intel Centrino cpu
Corrected an issue that would cause the header data not to be written
Updated the MHz option to be more accurate
Corrected the Processor Count being detected as 2 processors on newer machines
Updated the Processor Class to include a friendly name vs the old string of "x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping X"
Updated the error handling if any of the system information fails to be found or if any unexpected error should occur



Corrected issues with the BIOS information not being detected on some computers
Corrected BIOS problems causing system not to write out data to log file
Dramatically decreased the chance of file lock contention when writing out the log file
Updated DEBUG logging to only show messages if it really had an error
Updated logic around writing to the log file, now if clients fail they will not lock out other clients from writing to log
Updated the Processor, CPU Type and Class features to correct defects
Corrected issues where illegal exceptions could be thrown to the user/client
Updated Installed Printers logic
Updated the cookie logic to not write out the cookie until it ensures the application has audited the machine
Updated the Cookie folder to support Network Drives
Corrected MAC Address problem on some Windows95 machines
Updated all save/open dialogs to support new Windows XP/2003 look and feel
Updated splash screen
Updated to detect Windows 2003 within the logging of the operating system
Corrected an issue to remove the extraneous data being added in between the operating system and the version
Updated the username option to try and logically get the current user, if all other methods fail
Corrected the detection of the Domain on Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 systems



Added the ability for a custom Cookie location.
Added System model, mfg, serial number and universal id.
Added Monitor manufacturer and description.
Added a new Software tab that includes the option to log all Uninstallable software.
Added option to log software to username.log or machinename.log
Increased the reliability of the log writing to support 10x the users (Enterprise License only).
Recreated the CSV writing using our internal TSCVWriter.
Rewrote the printers section and also added the option for a default printer.
Corrected the issues with the MAC address on all systems that were having problems.
Enhanced the MAC address to gather all system addresses.
Rewrote the BIOS information handling, it now works on all operating systems.
Corrected many grammar errors and spelling errors within the user interface.
Updated user interface to add/remove any known compatibility issues with operating systems.
Updated user interface documentation to reflect latest changes and additions.
Updated log writing logic so that in the event of an error, other users are not locked out of the log file.
Updated the DEBUG option to include the windows specific error message.



Corrected monitor from being added to .INI every time
Added a seperate monitor information section
Updated OS for Windows2K to have build and patch info.
Corrected issue with Netscape 6 dectection of "Not Found [6.01 (en)]"
Corrected format of Processor Class logging
Detects Windows XP as an operating system
Added a DEBUG parameter to the loginfo.exe command line for debugging and troubleshooting purposes
Changed the cookie file to be read only and hidden



Added functionality for DOS Env. Vars
Added detection of Printers
Added Computer Description
Added Debug information
Corrected issues with the Mac Address on all platforms
Changed the format of the IP Address (zero padded)



Added Browser Detection
Added Default Browser
Added input device information
Added Operating System type (server, workstation, professional, etc.)
Added check/uncheck all option in the configuration editor
Corrected Windows OS defect (ME = 98, 2000 = NT)
Minor spelling errors
Removed replace prompt on open dialog when log file exists
Changed configuration editor to detect when changes have been made
Changed output for MHz and Memory only include numbers
Increased the size of the USERNAME from 20 to 100



Added Domain/Workgroup name
Added Network adapters installed
Added Network protocols installed
Added Network clients installed
Added CPU Type
Added BUS Type
Added BIOS Name, version, date
Added CD-ROM drive letters
Added Removable drive letters
Corrected log writing defect on systems with less than 3 hard drives
Re-designed GUI to act as a config file editor
Added Toolbar and Menu
Raised the price due to the added functionality
Reworded several of the logging groups in the GUI
Changed some sections of the configuration file to match GUI
Added More Information icons to the GUI



Added Cookie option for prevention of multiple audits
Updated GUI with tabs



Added network MAC Address
Added detection for Pentium Class and Type
Added support for all local hard drives
Added local HD serial number, drive type, volume, letters
Added a list of all mapped drive letters
Added option for displaying a dialog to inform the users
Raised the price due to the additional functionality
Corrected potential exceptions to be thrown with data corruption problems
Corrected defect with logging date and time based on system formats
Changed configuration interface
Added Unregistered to the log file for unregistered versions
Corrected defect with username not working in some situations.
Added warning when user changes the settings if previous log file exists



Corrected problem on machines with no IP Address



Initial version