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Question  Why doesn't the autorun popup and run when I place the CD into the drive?

The autorun feature that causes your configured AutoRun Wizard project to popup when the CD-ROM is placed into the drive is not a "feature" of AutoRun Wizard, it is a feature of Microsoft Windows. AutoRun Wizard simply allows you to easily create the necessary files that Windows needs to automatically launch your cd autorun. If your autorun is not popping up when you place your cd-rom in the drive, but double-clicking on the cd-rom causes the autorun to popup - then Microsoft Windows is not honoring the auto popup functionality of your autorun. The most common reason is because the cd-rom was set in Windows to not automatically popup configured autoruns, like the configuration that AutoRun Wizard creates. There are many external reasons that control if Windows reads the configured autorun files from your CD-ROM. We cannot force Windows to always read the cd-rom autorun configuration files. Your autorun project created with AutoRun Wizard (or any other vendor) is relying on Microsoft's technology to perform as designed and execute the autorun.inf code that is on your cd.

If the autorun works when you double-click on the cd-rom drive, then your autorun is configured correctly within our AutoRun Wizard. You have no guarantee that it will popup on every computer, however you can guarantee that double-clicking on the cd will invoke your configured AutoRun Wizard project. The Windows operating system controls whether or not to automatically read the autorun.inf file for autoplaying your cd. If you have another computer to test it on, please try it.

You can read more about trouble-shooting autorun's from this topic.

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Added: Apr 15, 2008
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2013