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Question  What are the command line options for Message Manager Deluxe?

There are 2 more optional command line options for Message Manager Deluxe, other than the message file command line that is required:

By default loadmsg.exe supresses all error messages that might occur during the loading of the message. If you are troubleshooting the loading of your message within Message Manager Deluxe, you can add the DEBUG option to the command line. This option will display any/all error message that might have occurred during the loading of your message. This will let you know what is wrong and why your message is having troubles.

This option forces the message to be displayed no matter what cookie options are set or schedule options exist. This is a handy tool to bypass all of the non-display options that you might have set in your message. Great option for testing your message too!


\\servername\pathname\loadmsg.exe \\servername\pathname\message.dat -f DEBUG

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Added: Jan 20, 2005
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