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FAQ for Message Manager Deluxe v3.03    Message Manager Deluxe

Click on the question to get the answer. The most popular questions today are listed at the top of the list.

1. Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 Login Script Tips
2. The "Display every X days" feature does not seem to be working, why?
3. When is the next release of Message Manager Deluxe coming out?
4. When I login I am getting "MPREXE Not Responding" (Windows 95, 98, ME)
5. What are the command line options for Message Manager Deluxe?
6. When I run Message Manager Deluxe my configured message does not appear.
7. Clicking a button configured to shutdown does not always work for us, why?
8. I don't have a login script, how can I use Message Manager Deluxe?
9. Is your online ordering Secure?
10. What rights do user's need for the message log file?
11. How can I import the message.log file into SQL Server 2000?
12. How do I remove the Windows XP SP2 Open File Security Warning box when running .exe files?
13. How can I import the Message Manager Deluxe log into Microsoft SQL 2005 or 2008?
14. I registered Message Manager Deluxe, but I am still getting the UNREGISTERED popup window. Why?
15. I do not understand how to use Message Manager Deluxe, help?
16. Can I have a message display once every 30 days?
17. When editing my message, why do I get an error message when a log file already exists?
18. What does "Unable to locate message file on the command line" mean?
19. Under the Citrix Seamless environment we get an obscure Explorer desktop error, why?
20. How do I make Message Manager Deluxe run every time the computer starts?
21. How can I register Message Manager Deluxe?
22. What is the message character limit?
23. How can I display a User Agreement (EULA or AUP) before using the computer?
24. How can I execute Message Manager Deluxe from a share on the server the user logged in to?
25. How can I launch Message Manager Deluxe using a Novell NetWare login script?
26. Can I use Environment Variables for the paths?
27. How can I display a different message for each day of the work week?
28. How do I upgrade to the latest version of Message Manager Deluxe?
29. If I upgrade Message Manager Deluxe why do I have to re-create all of my message files?
30. How can I use Group Policies with Active Directory to deploy Message Manager Deluxe?
31. Can I disable the buttons until the user has read the entire messsage?
32. Can Message Manager Deluxe write the cookie to the Registry?
33. What is your refund policy?
34. How can I disable the Windows Desktop until the user has answered the question?
35. Can I add this software to the Scheduled Tasks so it runs automatically?
36. How can I create an .exe of a message I create?
37. I am trying to order your software and keep getting declined.
38. I configured Button 6, but it does not work.
39. I purchased a registered copy of Message Manager Deluxe and how can I download the software again?
40. Does Message Manager Deluxe work on 64-bit machines?
41. Can I put environment variables in the Message Text?
42. How can I prevent the same message shown to a user?
43. How can I make my Login Script run synchronously?
44. Can I display a message with bold text and different font sizes and colors?
45. I created a message, now what do I do?

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