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Question  What does "Unable to locate message file on the command line" mean?

You will receive "Unable to locate message file on the command line" if you run the loadmsg.exe file without passing it any command line options. The loadmsg.exe takes the message file you want to load as the command line parameter.

For example: \\server1\msg\loadmsg.exe message1.dat

The above example would load the message file called 'message1.dat' from the current directory that loadmsg.exe is in. Alternatively you could fully quality the path to the message file, like this:

\\server1\msg\loadmsg.exe \\server2\messages\message1.dat

In this case the message file would be loaded from the server2 server.

Message Manager Deluxe also includes other options command line options.

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Added: Jan 9, 2008