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Question  How can I disable the Windows Desktop until the user has answered the question?

There are 2 ways of accomplishing this:

The first way is to use the features included in Message Manager Deluxe under the Display Options tab. Check the option for Hiding the Windows Desktop and Hiding the Windows Task Manager. You can also use the option to have the message Stay on Top, this will cause the message to stay above all other programs running. Keep ALL focus on the message prevents users from doing anything until they respond to the message because it keeps assigning focus to the message. We understand this won't prevent 100% usage of the computer, howerver most users will get the point that they have to answer the message.

Another helpful way is to kick off Message Manager Deluxe using the launch command shipped with Windows. If you client workstations are all Windows operating systems then you can launch the command called "start.exe" from your MS login batch file script (MS only). Using a command line option with start.exe will allow you to halt the login script until the launching of MM Deluxe has completed.

Example in your MS login script batch file:

start.exe /w \\server1\message\loadmsg.exe \\server1\message\mymessage.dat

Using the /W option will cause your login script to wait for the message to be answered before continuing to load Windows.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005
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