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Question  Clicking a button configured to shutdown does not always work for us, why?

Sometimes Windows does not allow a shutdown to occur. Your best option is to use the FORCE checkbox option. This option forces Windows to shutdown.

Another work around for this problem would be to use our DelayExec utility to delay the shutdown of Windows until some of the Windows startup files have completed starting. When the message is displayed, if the user responds in a negative way, it can force a shutdown of the computer.

1. Create a batch file called delayshutdown.bat
2. Download our delayexec.exe program from here. (this basically delays the execution of something)
3. In the batch file type in this:

{path to exe}\delay.exe {path to exe}\shutdown.exe 15

This would delay the execution of the shutdown for 15 seconds. IF you need to pass in a command line, like 2 FORCE, then make another batch file called forceshutdown.bat and have the delayexec.exe call forceshutdown.bat instead of shutdown.exe directly (because our delay exec does not allow you to pass command line parameters to the application its exec-ing)
4. Save that batch file and delayexec.exe into the place where all of you other loadmsg.exe and shutdown.exe files are.
5. Then change your message to have the BUTTON click do the delayshutdown.bat file

Then when the user clicks that button, it should launch delayexec then finish the login script. Then after 15 seconds (or whatever you set) it will force shutdown the computer.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005