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Question  I don't have a login script, how can I use Message Manager Deluxe?

The instructions for using Message Manager Deluxe only specify how to imlpement it via a login script. There are many different ways to use Message Manager Deluxe within your organization. This will explain some other options for running Message Manager Deluxe.

  1. Remotely running
    • If the target computer is Windows 2000, 2003 or XP you can enable Remote Desktop on the computer.
    • Next would be to get the Remote Desktop Connection Software from Microsoft to connect to the remote computer.
    • Then you can connect to the remote computer and you will see the desktop
    • Copy the loadmsg.exe and the message.dat file from the network or a shared location to the hard drive.
    • Lastly you can launch loadmsg.exe from that folder to show the user the message.

    • Another option is to use Real VNC to remotely connect to the desktop and launch our Message Manager Deluxe software.
  2. Push from server to client
    • Many of our customers have software on every client computer which allows them to push/install software remotely. You can use this feature to show loadmsg.exe
    • Here are some examples of other software programs that support this feature: Deployment Solution, LANDesk, Net Install, EverDream. You can also find software via this Google Search
  3. Windows Startup
    • Note: For this example you must have access to the target computer.
    • First copy loadmsg.exe and the message you want to load to a network share, cd, floppy disk, or other media.
    • Go the the computer(s) you want to run Message Manager Deluxe on, copy the loadmsg.exe and message.dat files locally
    • Create a shortcut to loadmsg.exe
    • Edit the properties on that shortcut and change the Target path
    • Add the name (and path) of the message.dat file you want to show
    • Click OK to save the changes to the shortcut
    • Copy this shortcut to the Start Menu's StartUp folder
    • Each time the computer is started (for that user) it will launch loadmsg.exe

    • You can use also our WinStartup Utility to accomplish the same task, but in more of a hidden way. This will do the same action as above but hide the startup in the Windows registry.
  4. Program Launcher
    • We have free software called Program/WAV Launcher which will run the specified .exe file every X seconds.
    • You can use this software to run the loadmsg.exe from Message Manager Deluxe and display the message ever hour, etc.
    • Like any of our software, you can add Program/WAV Launcher to the StartUp folder.

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Added: Jan 20, 2005