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Version History for Net Send Lite v3.02  - Shareware



Added support for incoming and outgoing message sounds.
Corrected the issue with International installations. For non-English Windows, you can specify the name and contents of the Windows Messenger dialog box that appears and we will properly detect and grab the message information.
Corrected an issue with IP Addresses as the sent to value.
Corrected an issue when the FROM name contained a period.
Corrected the error if the FROM name started with a number (such as an IP address).
Corrected an issue with Stay On Top getting out of sync.



Fixed a defect when trying to run netsend.exe, sending a message and trying to start the Messenger Service when you do not have Administrative rights on the computer.
Fixed a defect when you do not have any usernames defined when the application starts.
The first time to launch Net Send Lite and you do not have any username defined, it will now add My Computer by default.



Added the ability to capture the net send message coming in and display inside of its own chat window.
Added a 'chat' type user interface to send and receive messages
Added option to Find Computers on the network when adding users to Net Send Lite.
Rewrote the main user interface to be more like other messaging and chatting software.
Added hyperlink functionality to the chat window, now you can click on a URL or UNC share (etc. \\computer\share\).
Added the ability to add multiple users at one time
Added option to change the font properties of incoming and outgoing messages.
Added up to 50 canned messages
Increased canned message length to 500
Increased displayable canned message length to 75
Added option to start and stop the Messenger service from the tray icon
Added detection to see if the Messenger Service is running on application startup and starts it if it is not running.
On each net send, it checks to ensure the Messenger Service is running and all custom FROM names are registered.
Added an option to clear the System Event Log to the tray icon menu.
Enhanced the error handling to be more descriptive when a net send error occurs.
Added an option to minimize the main form when choosing user to send a message to.
Added the option to display the time within the message history chat window.
Added the ability to add multiple users on your network to the list of available computers on the main screen.
Added the option to start and stop the Messenger Service from the tray icon and the Options menu.
Added option to save, clear and print the message history.
Rewrote the stay on top logic



Added the ability to send messages to multiple users or a group of users. This can be done by seperating them by a : (colon).
Added and option to open the event viewer to view messages that were sent to a person.
Added sorting on the name list by all of the column headings.
Added option to clear the status in the status bar on right-click.
Updated the Add/Edit Users functionality to included a user interface to enter in user information.
Updated the Add/Edit Users to support group, domain, computer name, username and ip address net sending.
Updated the "default send to" option a dropdown box to select the user instead of a text box.
Updated the default behavior of the "X" button in Windows to minimize the application to the system tray instead of closing it.
Updated the error handling when sending net send messages.
Corrected the issue when the application was not saving the last user on close correctly.
Rewrote the message validation to correct issues between registered and shareware versions.
For the unregistered version we added 'Click here to enable this feature' throughout the application.
For the unregistered version we updated splash screen with the RJL logo.



Added the option to go to website in Net Send message
Added the option to copy the Net Send message text
Added the option for Canned Messages
Added the option to Stay on Top
Changed the Options screen to a tabbed dialog
Changed the Options and Send buttons to a dropdown menus
Removed the option for the Send Last (its now always there)



Added the option to change the TO: user after each send
Added the option to order the names alphabetically
Corrected the multiple instances
Change cursor to the Windows-like hand pointer
Added request a feature links throughout the application



Added the option to use the computer name for sending the message
Added the option to use the logged in user name for sending the message
Added the option to specify whatever name you want for sending the message
Added the option for truncating the message if it exceeds the maximum characters for a message
Added the option to split the message into multiple messages when sending a message that is too large
Updated status bar immediately after sending to show the status of the message its trying to send
When trying to send the message changed the cusror to waiting to show user program is doing something
Now prevents the main sending from from being moved off the screen and lost
Updated error handling and error messages that might appear



Added option to include a footer on every message
Redesigned user interface
Added option to add/edit the usernames
Added hotkeys to send the message
Added hints and help to the options and main screen
Added the option to register if people want to remove the splash screen
Updated the program to be resized to any position
Saved program position and size on the screen
Option to show or hide the send last button
Corrected issues with the error handling
Updated the formatting of the status bar
Corrected issue of clearing out message if there was an error sending it



Added the option to resolve the senders username on send.
Updated the error handling for sending messages.
Added instructional messages for 1st time users who have not created a usernames.txt file yet.
Updated the help text in the about box screen.



Initial version.