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Here is a list of all of our support we support. Select a program from the list for a quick answer to your question.

 General Questions General Questions - General questions about our software
Add/Remove Add/Remove - Pretends to remove all of the software from your machine using the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs.
AnyImage Screen Saver AnyImage Screen Saver - AnyImage Screen Saver is your key to an enjoyable desktop. By displaying any image within your screen saver.
AutoRun Wizard AutoRun Wizard - A premier utility for quickly and easily creating a professional CD auto launches.
Avoid Avoid - A harmless prank that makes your Windows start button avoid your mouse!
Backwards Mouse Backwards Mouse - Backwards mouse will reverse all mouse movements on the desktop.
Black Screen Black Screen - Black Screen is the perfect desktop security application for people who need fast and powerful security right at their fingertips.
Blue Screen of Death Blue Screen of Death - This prank simulates the Windows
Bomb Bomb - Use the Bomb program when you want to display that dreaded Windows Illegal Operation message dialog box.
CapsLock CapsLock - This simple utility will turn on-off your CAPS lock key.
ClearName ClearName - ClearName is an invisible utility the erases the login name of the user who last logged in.
Click Me Click Me - Want someone to have fun chasing a button around the screen? This Click Me jumps out of the way each time someone tries to click it.
ClickStart ClickStart - The ClickStart prank will click the users start button every 45 seconds. This is a very annoying prank!
Clippy Clippy - Prank someone with this fake, customizable Clippy assistant.
Copy Cursor Copy Cursor - Replicate the mouse cursor to random positions on the screen.
Crazy Num Caps Scroll Crazy Num Caps Scroll - This program is truly a jokesters dream. It will allow you to setup the toggling of the Caps, Num and Scroll lock keys.
Create Message Pro Create Message Pro - Create Message Pro is for creating custom .EXE file messages for stand alone distribution.
Cursor Fun Cursor Fun - Cursor Fun is a hilarious gag program that randomly changes the appearance of the mouse cursor.
DelayExec DelayExec - DelayExec will launch a file after a specified delay interval.
Desktop Dot Desktop Dot - Desktop Dot is a perfect desktop buddy for those of you who are bored with your desktop. This companion will definitely liven up your day.
Dirty Mouse Dirty Mouse - Prank someone by making them think their mouse ball is dirty or their optical mouse is not responding.
DownHoax DownHoax - DownHoax is an Internet Explorer compatible download simulator. The servers it accesses, as well as the files it downloads, are completely bogus.
Email Fun Email Fun - Email Fun is an amusing prank simulates emailing everyone in your address book.
Fake Delete Fake Delete - Fake Delete is the perfect prank to play on any unsuspecting user. It simulates deleting a specified directory from the machine. Very realistic, even power users will be fooled.
Fake Format Fake Format - Fake Format was created by popular demand, and pretends to format a specified drive. Very realistic dialogs, summaries, and even hard drive chatter.
Fake Shutdown Fake Shutdown - Fake Shutdown is a gag that looks like you tried to shutdown Windows.
Fake Start Menu 95 Fake Start Menu 95 - Fake Start Menu replaces the Windows 95 Start Menu (task bar) with a fake one that will not respond to anything.
Flasher Flasher - Flash a subliminal message to the computer screen.
Flip It Flip It - Flip It is the craziest Windows message you have ever seen!
Floppy Madness Floppy Madness - Drive someone MAD with this random floppy drive cruncher.
Follow Me Follow Me - With this software your Windows Start Button will horizontally follow your mouse cursor across the task bar.
Gas Gripe Gas Gripe - Gas Gripe is a fun program that spoofs current gasoline prices.
Group Net Send Group Net Send - Send a network message instantly to a list of usernames or computers.
HeadAche HeadAche - HeadAche is a program that will give you a headache. Don't believe it? Run it and see.
Log Info Log Info - Log Info is a small seamless utility that enables quick machine inventory in one simple launch. Great utility to assist in end of the year budgeting for new equipment, gathering computer assets or simple company audits.
Memory Viewer Memory Viewer - View system memory configuration without opening the computer.
Message Manager Deluxe Message Manager Deluxe - Need a way to display a usage policy and track responses? Look no further than Message Manager Deluxe.
Message Manager Lite Message Manager Lite - Message Manager Lite is a great utility for network administrators who want to display a Windows style dialog but do not want to program it.
Mime Mouse Mime Mouse - If you want mouse mischief this is the program for you. Mime Mouse will randomly limit the mouse cursor to an area on the screen.
Money Meter Money Meter - Money Meter is the easy way to track the average employee expense, per second, over a given period of time.
Mouse Droppings Mouse Droppings - Make your mouse poop all over the screen with this dirty little prank!
Mouse Mayhem Mouse Mayhem - Ever wanted to take control of your friends mouse and make it simulate mouse actions? Well you can with Mouse Mayhem.
Mouse Move Mouse Move - Want to randomly move the mouse cursor? Download this free software.
MouseClicks MouseClicks - A fun prank program that will disable the users mouse clicks!
Net Send Lite Net Send Lite - Send network messages instantly using our Net Send Lite GUI utility.
Now Now - Now is a small command line utility that allows you to display your formatted system date and time.
NumLock NumLock - This simple utility will turn on/off your NUM lock key.
Open/Close CD Open/Close CD - This utility is useful for those of you who have programs that require a CD-ROM, this will open the CD-ROM for you when that program is launched.
Password Prank Password Prank - Password Prank displays a bogus password dialog screen, then errors when keys are pressed.
Pirated Software Pirated Software - Make someone think they are installing pirated software with this prank.
Popup Prank Popup Prank - Fool your friends into thinking their photo is in an online popup advertisement.
Port Listener Port Listener - Port Listener is a free lightweight utility to listen on the specified tcp or udp port.
PowerSave Prank PowerSave Prank - A harmless prank that puts your screen into power save mode.
Print Me Print Me - Print Me is a bogus print dialog prank program that is thorough enough to trick the most skillful user.
Program - WAV Launcher Program - WAV Launcher - This program is a hidden launcher that will puzzle any user as to why programs or .wav files are randomly being launched.
Random Burper Random Burper - This hidden software will randomly play disgusting burp sounds every minute.
Random Farter Random Farter - Random Farter is a hidden fart sound player. It will randomly play disgusting fart sounds every minute until it is closed.
Random Wallpaper Changer Random Wallpaper Changer - Random Wallpaper Changer system tray utility to randomly change your desktop background to images, photos or whatever is on your computer.
ReplaceKeys ReplaceKeys - The ReplaceKeys prank replaces key presses with other keyboard keys.
Resize Browser Resize Browser - Resize Browser is a small utility that will resize your Internet browser window. Great utility for a web developer.
Resize JPEGs Resize JPEGs - Resize JPEGs is a free, lightweight fast photo resizing tool. Bulk resizing is easy.
Rotate Rotate - If you want to randomly manipulate the desktop, Rotate is just for you.
Save Any File Save Any File - Save any file from the Internet, including Shockwave, mp3, mpeg, asf and nmore! No more limitations to the files you can save.
Screen Screw Screen Screw - Want to screw with someones screen? Download this free prank!
ScrollLock ScrollLock - This simple utility will turn on/off your SCROLL lock key.
Shakedown Shakedown - Never fear, Shakedown is here! Rattle your desktop on wild and crazy ride.
Shortcut Key Explorer Shortcut Key Explorer - See what shortcut keys Windows currently loaded in memory.
Show - Hide Desktop Show - Hide Desktop - Show - Hide Desktop is a prank that will show and then hide your Windows desktop icons.
Shutdown Shutdown - Shutdown is a powerful Windows shutdown utility. It supports many command line options to fit your needs.
Simple Search-Replace Simple Search-Replace - If you need to find and replace text, or just find text, this utility is a must have. It is significantly faster and easier to use than any other search and replace utility out there.
Stop Screen Saver Stop Screen Saver - If you need to prevent your screen saver from starting, download this free utility.
The Finger The Finger - The Finger is a hilarious joke program that will flash the mouse cursor to a hand with the middle finger up and then back to the normal cursor again.
Time Traveler Time Traveler - The Time Traveler prank changes your system clock to a random time, every 30 seconds.
TrayCD TrayCD - This utility is useful for those of you who have computers with hard to reach CD-ROM drives. TrayCD will allow you to open or close your CD-ROM with one click.
TreeCopy TreeCopy - TreeCopy is a handy utility which will copy directory structures in all Windows environments.
UpTime UpTime - This free utility displays the amount of time since the last Windows boot.
UpTime Screen Saver UpTime Screen Saver - The UpTime screen saver is a must have utility screen saver which displays the amount of time the Windows session has been active.
Vista Upgrade Prank Vista Upgrade Prank - Gag that simulates an upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista.
Windows Product Key Viewer Windows Product Key Viewer - Free utility that shows the installed Windows Product Key (cd key) and other system information.
WinStartup WinStartup - WinStartup is a utility that will allow you take control of what programs are launched when your Windows system is started.
Y2K Joke Y2K Joke - Y2K is the perfect joke for anyone familiar with the millenium bug. This program has it all - from changing all letter Ys to letter Ks, to pretending to correct the mouse's Y2K problem. This gag is hilarious!

If you cannot find an answer to your question from the above list, please submit a Support Request